LACSI News Sept-Oct 2017

The LACSI News is prepared for members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute and others interested in the mission of LACSI. The LACSI News provides information on chapter events, chapter members, West Region CSI and Institute activities, and other articles of interest to the Los Angeles architecture and construction community. LACSI is a professional organization providing members opportunities to share information about materials and methods of construction, and to promote improved preparation, delivery and use of construction documents.


William Mulholland and the Construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Jim Yannotta of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will present the story of the construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, arguably the most important piece of infrastructure in the City’s history.  As always, see our website, where you can read more about the event and make reservations.

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Lath Selection & Specification to Enhance Stucco Performance

Ted Jones of Structa Wire will present stucco lathing alternatives and the challenges of each alternative as well as specific challenges and solutions for stucco as related to control joint detailing, seismic and thermal issues.

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Battleship USS Iowa – Port of Los Angeles

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President’s Column

by Monique Birault, CSI, AIA

Thank you to Draper Inc., represented by Kathy Greenway, CSI, CDT for sponsoring this year’s July tour on the battleship USS Iowa in the Port of Los Angeles. It was a great opportunity for our 70+ LACSI members, their loved ones and new friends of CSI to meet as we attended the in-depth tours of the ship learning about its construction, fire power and history. Kathy also led the charge to organize a catered…

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BY Valarie Harris, FCSI CCPR

Ed Buch, our own newsletter editor, will be receiving his Fellowship, a lifetime achievement award, at the CSI Convention in Providence RI on September 14th. If you will be there please attend and bring your co-workers to the Honors & Awards Ceremony followed by the Celebration of Fellows.

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constructive thoughts

by Sheldon Wolfe, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, RA

Tell Me Again Part 2 – In “Tell Me Again Part 1” (see the Jul/Aug 2016 LACSI News) we looked at how proper use of reference standards can reduce the amount of text required by making those standards part of the specifications. Going back to the “say it once” principal, proper use of Division 00 and Division 01 can go a long way toward eliminating needless text. In the good old days, it was common…

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BuchNotes #73

by Ed Buch, CSI, CCS, AIA, LEED AP

It may not be easy to identify the single most important invention in the history of building, but several come to mind immediately: glass for windows, structural steel, the elevator, electricity, and indoor plumbing. But, along with these there is air conditioning for human comfort and, as the title of Salvatore Basile’s book suggests, Cool, How Air Conditioning Changed Everything, the effect…

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Sustainable Design and Construction Resources

by Kelly McArthur Ingalls, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

Third-Party Verification for Construction and Demolition Recycling: The Recycling Certification Institute (RCI) – Design and construction professionals rely on objective criteria to demonstrate that building products comply with standards for sustainability. The same applies to construction-phase processes. Third-party certification provides some solutions.

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The Architecture of Movies


At first glance, architecture and cinema would seem to have little in common. Architecture is with most of us almost all the time; it’s where we live, where we work, where we shop, where we do nearly everything we do. Architecture is actual structures creating real three-dimensional spaces we can see, touch, hear, and smell.[1] Cinema, on the other hand, is nothing but illusion, taking…

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Chapter leadership

LACSI Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

President: Monique Birault, CSI, CDT | (213) 740-3060 |
Vice President #1: Rene Sarver, CSI | (310) 480-7108 |
Vice President #2: Greg Maechling, CSI | (310) 343-5119 |
Secretary: Mr. Dane Olson, CSI | (714) 330-5110 |
Treasurer: Valarie Harris, FCSI, CCPR | (714) 470-7404 |
Controller: Mitch Lawrence, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA | (213) 880-8395 |
Director #1: Kin Lee, CSI, CCCA, AIA, LEED AP | (323) 405-2532 | kinlee823@gmail
Director #2: Kelly Ingalls, CSI, CDT, LEED AP | (818) 439-2976 |
Director #3: Bill Schmalz, CSI, CCCA, FAIA, LEED AP BD+C | (213) 270-8417 |
Director #4: Mitch Taylor, CSI, CDT | (916) 214-9332 |
Immediate Past President: Valarie Harris, FCSI, CCPR | (714) 470-7404 |

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Upcoming Events


Sept. 13-15, Institute Convention

Chapter Dinner Meeting – September 27th
William Mulholland and the Construction of the Los Angeles Aqueduct

Oct. 6, LACSI-AIA Fall Golf Classic – Pacific Palms Resort
City of Industry, CA. See the LACSI website for more details.

Chapter Dinner Meeting – October 25th
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (PROGRAM TO BE ANNOUNCED)

Chapter Dinner Meeting – November 15th
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (PROGRAM TO BE ANNOUNCED)