LACSI News Sept-Oct 2016

The LACSI News is prepared for members of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute and others interested in the mission of LACSI. The LACSI News provides information on chapter events, chapter members, West Region CSI and Institute activities, and other articles of interest to the Los Angeles architecture and construction community. LACSI is a professional organization providing members opportunities to share information about materials and methods of construction, and to promote improved preparation, delivery and use of construction documents.


The Iconic NEW Gerald Desmond Bridge

Join Us for the September 28th Dinner Presentation on the Iconic design for the NEW General Desmond Bridge.

We are pleased to launch the fall / winter season of informative technical sessions and dinner presentations with this presentation on a vital commercial artery for our local economy. Standing at about 515 feet tall with a striking cable-stayed design, the new bridge will be visible throughout much of the L.A. Basin. It will move about 15% of the nation’s waterborne cargo travels across its three lanes in each direction. The new bridge will also have a bicycle lane and a pedestrian path. It will be able to handle the world’s largest, most efficient cargo ships. Its published construction value is $649,500,000. Construction of the project will take over four years.Once complete, the bridge is expected to employ nearly 3,000 people a year. pages of the Valley Times. The variety of…

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The Evolution of Water-Resistive and Air Barriers in Commercial Envelope Construction: Understanding Integrated Sheathing + WRB-AB System Solutions

Daniel Crates of Georgia Pacific will examine the evolution of water-resistive and air barriers (WRB-AB) in commercial building envelopes, introducing new, all-in-one, integrated gypsum sheathing + WRB-B systems as alternatives to traditional water and air barrier systems.



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President’s Column

By Valarie Harris, FCSI, CCPR

Welcome to the new LACSI newsletter. At LACSI we are educating and connecting people to improve construction. Meetings with technical presentations, time to mingle, opportunities to show new services and products, dinners and after dinner speakers on topics of general interest to the construction industry.

We have recently learned about:
• the newest tallest building on the LA skyline from AC Martin Partners,
• restoration architecture by the firm that worked on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House,
• an early net zero project in the desert
• restoration of John Lautner’s Chemosphere
• pioneering Los Angeles architecture from Stephen Gee, the author of Iconic Vision: John Parkinson, Architect of Los Angeles.

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by Paul K. Kane III, CSI, CDT

Welcome to my first CSI West Region Presidents message (which should have come out last month) as the new CSI fiscal year started July 1st. I am excited as to the future of CSI, our Region and Chapters. My hope is to put one of these messages out every couple months.

Before we can move forward I like to look back and give a big Mahalo (Thank You) to some of my CSI mentors that have helped me along my way since becoming a member of CSI West Region Board some 8 years ago, CSI West Region President’s Ed Buch, CSI, CCS, AIA; Craig Mount, AIA, CSI, CDT, NCARB; David Willis, CSI, CDT, CCCM; Eric Camin, CSI, AMI, and the ever present Bob Siegrist, CSI, CDT, AIA who keeps the Region books straight, and Sheryl-Dodd Hansen, FCSI, CCS, CCCA for keeping Eric and me in line and following our region operating guide and by laws for the past couple of years.

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Charles Denisac 1942 – 2016, An Appreciation

Charles Denisac, FCSI, CCS was a leader in the continuing refinement of technical documents with the Los Angeles Chapter. He joined CSI in June 1970 and devoted many years of expertise to the Institute’s Technical Committee, serving as its Chairman. He was awarded Fellowship, the Institute’s second highest honor, in 1976 for his work. He was also a Certified Construction Specifier.

Charles was not only a leader and technician, he was a valued colleague who forged lasting relationships at the Institute and at the LA Chapter. He is remembered as a mentor, and a good friend.

Jan Piccola, FCSI recalls, “He was so kind to ‘new’ CSI members when I joined CSI in 1985. He took me under his wing – as many of our members did at that time – and built my knowledge of specifications and what would be expected of me as I built my career.”

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constructive thoughts

by Sheldon Wolfe, FCSI, CCS, CCCA, RA

Tell me again – and show me the money!

In the last few articles we looked at how redundancies needlessly increase the size of specifications. Another thing that affects the length of specifications is writing style. Even though CSI’s mantra, “Clear, concise, correct, complete”, suggests specifications should contain only the essence of requirements, commercial guide specifications and office master specifications alike tend to use words that aren’t necessary.

In 1949, Ben John Small wrote an article titled “The Case for the Streamlined Specification.” In it, he uses anecdote and logic to explain why terse writing is superior to verbose. He also cites previous works that show that streamlined writing is nothing new, but has been advocated as far back as 1896.

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buchnotes #66

by Ed Buch, CSI, CCS, AIA, LEED AP

Dream Cities, Seven Urban Ideas That Shape the World by Wade Graham connects the concepts of city planning from the 19th Century to urban design as it’s practiced today beginning with architect Bertram Goodhue’s Romantic City and then continuing to the technology inspired Metabolists of the 1970s, and to Jon Jerde’s “communal experience” shopping centers today. In depth portraits of these men and other visionary architects are also included to provide a history of key factors in the design of American cities.

Graham describes the goal of urban design visionaries has always been to improve life in cities using new construction as a solution for social problems. Driven by the overcrowded and often unsanitary conditions in 19th Century cities, some saw the solution in the creation of suburbs once the railroads, (in the 1840s in England), and later, highways made it possible to get out of town everyday.

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Sustainable Design and Construction Resources

by Kelly McArthur Ingalls, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

The Well Building Standard®

The US Green Building Council launched its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Rating System in 2000, focusing on new construction and major renovations of existing buildings. Over the last 16 years, the suite of LEED rating systems and compliance criteria have been expanded to include LEED for New Construction, Interior Design and Construction, Building Operations and Maintenance, Neighborhood Development, and Homes. LEED certifications are awarded when a building is completed, and there is an option to recertify it using the Operations and Maintenance rating system.

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Chapter leadership

LACSI Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

President: Valarie Harris, FCSI, CCPR | (714) 470-7404 |
Vice President: Rene Sarver, CSI | (310) 480-7108 |
Vice President: Monique Birault, CSI, CDT | (213) 740-3060 |
Secretary: Mr. Dane Olson, CSI | (714) 330-5110 |
Treasurer: Janet Piccola, FCSI | (714) 679-5730 |
controller: Mitch Lawrence, CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA | (213) 880-8395 |
director: Greg Clements, CSI, CDT | (714) 749-0856 |
director: Kelly Ingalls, CSI, CDT, LEED AP | (818) 439-2976 |
director: Greg Maechling, CSI | (310) 343-5119 |
director: Mitch Taylor, CSI, CDT | (916) 214-9332 |

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golf tournament

SAVE THE DATE, OCT. 21, 2016


The annual LACSI-Pasadena Foothill AIA Fall Classic will be held on Friday, October 21, 2016 at the Pacific Palms Resort located in City Of Industry. The day will begin with a putting contest followed by lunch and an afternoon of golf. Dinner and prizes will wrap up the day.
Golfers wanted. Sponsorships available.

For information contact:
Craig Mount | (323) 377-5571 |
David Ross | (858) 395-2041 |