LACSI History

The Los Angeles Chapter of The Construction Specifications Institute was chartered on August 10, 1953, and became a corporation in the State of California on March 9, 1962.

The Los Angeles Chapter was the fourth chapter to receive a charter from the Institute. Preceding us were: Metropolitan New York, District of Columbia Metropolitan, and Chicago. The Los Angeles Chapter was very active from the start, and influenced many of the programs of the Institute which exist today. J. Norman Hunter, for whom the Institute’s highest education award is named, was our first president, and subsequently was President of the Institute. The certification programs got their start under the guidance of Hans W. Meier, FCSI, Honorary Member and Jerome Orland, FCSI. These members also guided the early education programs of the Institute.

The Los Angeles Chapter has hosted 2 Institute conventions and 3 West Region Conferences all of which were outstanding events, and each of which required active participation of large segments of the chapter membership.

The Mission of the Los Angeles Chapter of The Construction Specifications institute is to provide its members the opportunity to share information about materials and methods of construction, and to promote improved preparation, delivery and use of construction documents.

The Chapter fosters the professional. development of its members and provides service to the construction industry by promoting education, research, certification, recognition of outstanding accomplishments, and networking opportunities within the Chapter, Region, Institute, and construction industry.

The Chapter is governed by a Board of Directors of 11 persons elected by the membership. Officers are elected annually and include the president, president-elect, immediate past-president, 1 vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, and controller. Directors include 3 professional and 3 industry members. Each Director serves a 2-year term.  Members in good standing are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. The activities of the Chapter are performed by committees. Chapter members are encouraged to serve on committees which suit their skills and interests such as: membership, technical, meeting arrangements, social activities, education certification, finance, and newsletter. All members are encouraged to stretch and improve their leadership skills through participation in chapter committees and on the board of directors.

Education is an important part of the mission of CSI. Monthly meeting programs, technical workshops, and continuing education programs provide construction professionals with regular opportunities for professional development. Updates on building code changes, new product development, new technologies, improving construction delivery methods, projects of interest, and construction practices are some of the topics presented in chapter programs.

The Los Angeles Chapter offers certification exam seminars, technical lectures and construction product demonstrations each year, providing many opportunities to meet a variety of continuing education requirements for licensure, certification renewals and renewals in professional organizations.

The Los Angeles Chapter has 9 regular monthly meetings each year in the Los Angeles Area and three meetings in the Fall, Winter and Spring in the Ventura area. Chapter meetings start with a technical workshop, followed by dinner and the main theme presentation. Specific products and construction methods are discussed at the technical workshop. The presentation after dinner features significant architectural projects or presentations on other topics of significance to the broad interests of the membership.

Meetings provide an excellent opportunity for members to meet their colleagues, discuss matters of mutual interest, and gain knowledge of products and projects. AIA continuing education credits are available for attending meetings.

Detailed information about each meeting is published in the LACSI Events Section on the website.

The Los Angeles Chapter’s award-winning newsletter, the LACSI Newsletter, is a bimonthly publication for LACSI members. The newsletter contains meeting announcements, technical columns and articles, updates on industry events, and news of members.

LACSI hosts an annual exhibit of construction products – CSI Nite, usually in February of each year. Approximately 80 exhibitors demonstrate their construction materials and products to over 300 design professionals. This event is a major fund-raiser for the Chapter, as well as an outstanding educational opportunity for CSI members and non-members.

The annual golf tournament is an afternoon of fun and relaxation. It is an excellent opportunity for product representatives to meet architects and specifications consultants. A festive banquet is held, at the end of the day. The Golf Tournament is typically in the fall of each year.

Members have access to the entire CSI Membership Directory online, as well as the printed West Region Directory.

*J. Norman Hunter, FCSI, AIA, (1953 – ’55)
*D. Stewart Kerr, CSI, (1955 – ’56)
*R. Redmond Coghlan, FCSI, AIA, (1956 – ’58)
*George F. Lamb, CSI, (1958 – ’59)
*Herman Boisclair, FCSI, (1959 – ’61)
*Walter Hagedohm, CSI, AIA, (1961 – ’62)
*Harold E. Keller, FCSI, Honorary Member, (1962 – ’64)
*Raymond Whalley, FCSI, CCS, AIA, (1964 – ’66)
*Dr. Oscar E. Marsch, FCSI, (1966 – ’67)
*Donald E. Watson, FCSI, AIA, (1967 – ’69)
*James A. Butler, FCSI, (1969 – ’70)
*George Lavenberg, FCSI, Honorary Member, (1970 – ’72)
*Lorand West, CSI, CCS, AIA, (1972 – ’73)
*Roland Pierson, CSI, AIA, (1973 – ’74)
Jerome I. Orland, FCSI, CCS, (1974 – ’75)
*Don Wolverton, CSI, AIA, (1975 – ’76)
*Charles M. Denisac, Jr., FCSI, CCS, (1976 – ’77)
*Leonard Hirsch, CSI, (1977 – ’78)
*J. Richard Fare, CSI, CCS, AIA, (1978 – ’79)
David A. Deyell, CSI, CCS, AIA, (1979 – ’80)
*Clifton H. Clark, CSI, CCS, AIA, (1980 – ’82)
*Hans W. Meier, FCSI, CCS, Honorary Member, AIA, (1982 – ’84)
*Richard B. Pember, CSI, CDT, (1985 – ’85)
*Archibald McMullan, CSI, (1985 – ’86)
Gerald M. Halweg, CSI, CTC, (1986 – ’88)
Jo Drummond, FCSI, CCS, (1988 – ’90)
*Isidoro A. Alimento, CSI, PE, (1990 – ’91)
Judy Holleran, CSI, CDT, (1991 – ’93)
Stephen J. Densmore, Esq., CSI, (1993 – ’94)
Gary M. Kehrier, CSI, CDT, (1994 – ’96)
Janet J. Piccola, FCSI, (1996 – ’98)
Joe R. Back, CSI, CCS, AIA, (1998 – ’00)
Steve Izuhara, CSI, CCS, AIA, (2000 – ’01)
Edmund C. Buch, FCSI, CCS, AIA, LEED AP, (2001 – ’03)
Sue Brown, CSI, (2003 – ’04)
Craig L. Mount, CSI, CCS, AIA, LEED AP, (2004 -’06)
*D. Michael Fuller, CSI, CDT, AIA, LEED AP, (2006 – ’08)
Kathy Greenway, CSI, CDT, (2008 – ’10)
Patrick Comerford, CSI, CDT, (2010 – ’12)
Jay Nordsten, CSI, AIA, (2012 – ’13)
Kathryn Marek, CSI, CCCA, AIA,(2013 – ’15)
Valarie Harris, FCSI, CCPR, (2015 – ’17)

The CSI Institute website, is an important resource for membership information, Institute activities, and member’s forum. Links between Institute, Chapter, and Region websites are provided.

The West Region CSI website, is a resource for accessing information on other chapters in the region, as well as region activities.

The LACSI Chapter website, provides a quick way for members to get the latest LACSI Chapter information and meeting information, as well as an opportunity to make reservations for meetings and educational events.


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