CSI West Region History

CSI is organized into 10 geographical regions. The Los Angeles Chapter (LACSI) is one of 13 chapters in the West Region, which is incorporated in the state of California. The function of the West Region is to facilitate communication between the institute and the Chapter, and provide networking opportunities between chapters of the West Region.

One director, who is elected by the West Region members, represents the West Region on the Institute Board of Directors. The West Region is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of the elected officers, one representative from each chapter in the West Region, a nonvoting student member, and the Institute Director from West Region in an advisory capacity. Region business is conducted at meetings as set by the board. There are typically two meetings each year: one during an annual meeting at the West Region Conference and one other meeting. In addition, a region caucus is held during the Institute Annual Convention to discuss business appropriate to the Convention.

A West Region Conference is held each year. The location rotates among the chapters. Technical seminars, social events, tours to sites of local interest, networking with Western construction industry leaders, and administrative meetings characterize the West Region Conference. The conference provides opportunities for timely and interesting education, great networking and training for current and future leaders.

The West Region offers several awards to members for outstanding contribution to the region. The awards are commemorative of outstanding past members.