Welcome to the Los Angeles Chapter of CSI,­ a professional organization dedicated to the ongoing development of design and construction industry professionals devoted to creating a safe and sustainable built environment. If you’re an architect, engineer, specification writer, technical professional, product rep, or a member of an allied industry, LACSI is the place for you!

LACSI offers diverse opportunities for you to continue your professional development and to learn about emerging technologies and innovative design solutions through regular technical workshops and peer presentations. At every gathering you can network and collaborate with colleagues, discuss challenges and solutions, and discover potential business opportunities. Facility tours provide insight and firsthand access to innovative designs and remarkable integration of technology. Seasonal events offer more opportunities to network, build relationships, and relax while enjoying the fun sights and sounds in and around Los Angeles. For industry professionals in independent practice, LACSI offers a place of community where partnerships and alliances are established and friendships created.

Being an active part of LACSI will inspire you and enhance your career. Hear what one of our members has to say, then join us and experience LACSI for yourself:

“Becoming an active member of LACSI was the best advice I was given after moving to the LA area. The camaraderie of the group was evident and I felt welcome from day one. The networking opportunities have helped develop my career, and collaboration with other members has not only expanded my knowledge, but impacted my success within the industry. The friendships I’ve developed are priceless.” – Susan Foster-Goodman

Interested in joining CSI and the Los Angeles Chapter? Visit the CSI website below.

Interested in Membership

CSI is an individual membership organization, with annual dues are paid directly to the Institute. Joining CSI includes membership in the national Institute as well as the Los Angeles Chapter. LACSI has many ways to help you be successful in your career, through education, learning from other members, keeping up with and even influencing trends, and enhancing your management skills. NOTE: Your CSI membership dues typically include nine LACSI dinner meetings in Los Angeles. Based on the cost of a single dinner, after you attend only three dinner meetings, your remaining meals are essentially free! Check out our Dinner Program Schedule for more information.

Welcome New Members

New LACSI members are invited to attend a “Welcome to the Chapter” event occurring a couple of times per year. If you are interested in attending the next welcome event or chapter meeting, or need more information, a name badge, or help with anything, please contact Rene Sarver, Membership Committee Chair. See the Directors and Committees tab for other contact information.

Getting the Most out of Your Membership

Membership in the Los Angeles Chapter of CSI has many benefits, including getting to know people who will help you in your job and with your projects. Tap into this great resource by getting involved in the chapter. There are lots of small activities that can help you “dip your toes in the water.” If you’re a new member looking to expand your network of contacts, or if you’ve been a member for a while and want to get more value from your membership, please contact any committee chair or Valarie Harris, Chapter President, for ideas and introductions.

Communicating with You

The chapter uses the contact information you provide on your Institute membership form to communicate local activities and opportunities, so please keep this information up to date. (You can do it yourself online at Do you want the LACSI email announcements about upcoming programs or family fun events? If so, then make sure you are listed in the membership roster and elect to receive CSI emails.

Each of us as members makes LACSI a great chapter. We are glad you are a member and look forward to meeting and working with you this year.